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IV Therapy Salem, OR

Revitalize and Enhance your Well-being with IV Hydration

Electrolyte and Fluid Stabilization

Short-term stabilization of Electrolytes and Fluid Volume after illness, 

trauma, surgery, or Sports Events

Supersaturation of Minerals and Vitamins

Mineral and Vitamin supersaturation of tissues is not possible with oral administration

Specific Treatment Protocols

Specific treatment protocols that assist and complement conventional medical procedures

Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy Metal Detox for Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, and other environmental poisons

Boosting Immune System and Mood

With our various recipes, you can boost your immune system, combat jet lag symptoms, or enhance your body's natural endorphins to reduce stress and uplift your mood.

Physical Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy offers a range of physical benefits, from improving sleep and aiding athletic recovery to promoting weight loss.

Benefits of IV Hydration

Dr.  Collins has been a pioneer in Teaching and providing IV therapies in an outpatient setting for over 35 years

Available Treatments


Experience how quickly you can recover from trauma, high-intensity sports, or even prolonged sun with an

The Myer's Cocktail
The Myer's Cocktail

This simple formula contains Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, B-vitamins, and more. Popularized by Dr. Alan Gaby, Dr. Meyers' formula has been used to treat a wide range of symptoms and pathology over decades with great results.

IV Chelation
IV Chelation

Dr. Collins has many years experience of in using EDTA IV to reduce toxic heavy metal burdens that are resistant to all other treatments. He will use before-and-after testing to ensure that progress is being made in eliminating these life-stealing toxins.

IV Glutathione
IV Glutathione

Due to its poor absorption orally. Glutathione is the number one Detoxification compound in our body, which is very popular as an IV push or drop. Normally, 2000 mg is the dose administered under individualized protocols.

IV Plaquex (Phosphatidyl Choline)
IV Plaquex (Phosphatidyl Choline)

Called the “Molecule of Life”

Dr. Collins has advanced training in administering this building block IV to enhance arterial flexibility and membrane integrity and even reverse  “Fatty Liver Disease”.

IV NAD+ Infusion
IV NAD+ Infusion

Keep your body young, speed up metabolism, and protect your DNA with NAD+, a coenzyme that helps your cells work properly.

Injection Therapies
Injection Therapies

If you're short on time, choose a 5-minute injection for a quick boost. You can pick from vitamin D3, B12, B6, Biotin, and more options.

 IV Hydration Near Me

Why Use IV Therapy?

Did you know? Many Americans are not getting enough Hydration and essential vitamins, with estimates suggesting up to 92% of the population facing chronic dehydration or vitamin deficiencies. Even if people are aware, traditional supplements often don't deliver the nutrients effectively, as they can lose up to 80% of their value during digestion.

But there's a solution: Our special blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and IV fluids is directly infused into your bloodstream. This means your cells get quick access to the nutrients they need to make you feel and perform your best.

Why is proper Hydration important for your well-being?

Water: The Most Important Nutrient for Your Body

Brain - 73% Water

Proper Hydration can improve mood, reduce fatigue, alleviate depression and anxiety, and enhance cognitive function.

Heart - 73% Water

Adequate Hydration keeps your heart healthy by lowering your heart rate and improving cardiovascular health. It might also lower the chances of heart failure later in life.

Blood - 90% Water

Hydration can lower blood pressure, enhance blood vessel function, and help your body transport nutrients more effectively.

Kidneys - 79% Water

Hydration helps your kidneys work better by flushing out waste and lowering the risk of kidney stones. It also boosts life expectancy for those with chronic kidney disease.

Joints - 80% Water

Hydration helps your joints by increasing the production of synovial fluid, which reduces inflammation and supports the growth of new cells in cartilage tissues.

Muscles - 79% Water

Proper Hydration makes you stronger, boosts power, helps during intense workouts, and builds muscles.

Water is the main and most important nutrient for every cell in your body. It's like a building block, forming the structure of cells, including bones, which are made up of over a third water. Water can easily stick to other substances, making it great for carrying things around. This means it can transport essential nutrients, minerals, and chemicals into cells for various body processes. Plus, it helps remove waste from cells, sending it to the kidneys to be expelled from the body.

How It Works

Initial Consultation

Start with a chat with Dr. Collins. He'll answer your questions and discuss your options. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to choose the right treatments and develop a plan together

Personalized Program

After understanding your symptoms and health goals, Dr. Collins will create a customized program tailored to your lifestyle and needs. This program will help provide your body with the necessary support to reach your objectives

Ongoing Treatments

Together, we'll adjust your treatments according to your schedule and budget. Our aim is to help you become the healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself at a pace that works for you with the best IV hydration in Salem, Oregon

best IV hydration in Oregon

Call (858) 333-5196 for a free 10 minute consultation with Dr. Collins

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