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​Bio-Medical Nutrition Portland, Oregon

Bio-Medical Nutrition Portland, Oregon

Optimize Health at the Molecular & Cellular Levels: Biomedical Nutrition for Personalized Wellness and Targeted Health Goals

What is Biomedical Nutrition?

Biomedical nutrition is the study and application of scientific principles to understand how nutrients and dietary factors interact with the body at the molecular and cellular levels. It focuses on the impact of nutrition on human health, using evidence-based approaches to prevent and manage diseases. Biomedical nutrition integrates biology, biochemistry, physiology, and the study of genetics to provide personalized nutrition recommendations for optimal well-being.

Biomedical nutrition encourages customized plans considering the patient's genetics, biochemistry, medical history, and lifestyle.

Targeted interventions address your specific needs and goals for optimal and personalized results.

Grounded in scientific research, biomedical nutrition utilizes the latest metabolism, genetics, and molecular biology findings.

Recommendations are based on solid evidence, ensuring they are proven strategies rather than passing trends.

By recognizing how dietary patterns and nutrient deficiencies contribute to chronic diseases, biomedical nutrition empowers you to make informed choices.

Focuses on preventing or managing conditions at the cellular level.

Acknowledges the link between physical and mental health, addressing how nutritional imbalances impact mood, fatigue, and cognitive function.

Optimizes diet and nutrient intake for improved physical health and enhanced mental well-being.



Comprehensive Assessment

We thoroughly assess the patient's genetics, biochemistry, medical history, and lifestyle using advanced testing methods to gather data on nutrient levels and potential deficiencies.

Personalized Nutrition Plan
Personalized Nutrition

We develop a customized nutrition plan tailored to the individual's needs and health goals while considering genetic factors, metabolic rate, and specific dietary preferences.

Evidence-Based Recommendations
Evidence-Based Recommendations

Our recommendations are based on the latest scientific research in metabolism, genetics, and molecular biology to ensure that our nutritional advice is rooted in solid evidence for optimal results.

Disease Prevention Strategies
Disease Prevention

We also educate our patients on how dietary patterns and nutrient intake impact chronic diseases and provide strategies to prevent or manage conditions at the cellular level through targeted nutrition.

At Proactive Choice, we strive to provide the best experience for patients seeking their first consultation with a doctor. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team is committed to tailored care and individual attention, ensuring you get the most out of your initial consultation.

We do not participate with insurance.

However, we accept Health Savings Accounts and Flex Savings Accounts.

We also accept Visa, Amex, Master Card, and Discover. 

To book your first appointment please call: (858) 333-5196

Initial Consult

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, personalized nutrition plans consider factors like metabolism, genetics, and lifestyle to aid in effective weight management and overall health improvement.

  • Biomedical nutrition goes beyond generic diet plans, utilizing scientific principles and personalized data to create targeted strategies based on an individual's unique needs.

  • Yes, biomedical nutrition can be adapted for various life stages. Customized plans account for age-related nutritional needs and health goals.

  • While genetic testing can provide valuable insights, it's not always necessary. Comprehensive assessments consider various factors and genetic information is optional.

  • Yes, by understanding the impact of nutrition on a cellular level, biomedical nutrition aims to prevent and manage chronic diseases through evidence-based dietary strategies tailored to individual needs.

Biomedical Nutrition

Get Personalized Nutrition for Your Unique Biology With Evidence-Based Biomedical Strategies

Uncover a Healthier You Through Tailored Nutrition Plans with our Expert Guidance

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