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Detoxification Near Me Portland, Oregon

What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification, often referred to as detox or body cleansing, is an ancient medical approach focused on eliminating unmetabolized waste matter in the body. This is seen as the precursor to viral attack and general inflammation. Failure of the body’s organs to fully eliminate this waste leads to adverse short or long-term health effects. This practice involves various activities, including diet modifications, fasting, selective food consumption or avoidance (such as fats, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, juices, and herbs), colon cleansing, chelating herbs or peat (humic and fulvic compounds), zeolite and bentonite orally or in poultice application, chelation therapy, specific types of IV therapy, including glutathione, hydrotherapy, traditional and FIR sauna, and removing dental fillings containing amalgam. The goal is to promote overall well-being and reduce the need for fevers, viral attacks, inflammation, pain, and premature aging.

Toxin Elimination

Detoxification removes toxins – heavy metals, pollutants, and metabolic waste. It's a vital step towards a healthier you, enhancing your body's natural defense against harmful substances.

Enhanced Energy and Sleep

Detox boosts energy, improves sleep, and enhances overall well-being by eliminating energy-draining factors, reducing inflammation, and resetting health goals.

Weight Management

Detox programs aid short-term weight loss through diet and cleansing. However, it's vital to note that sustainable weight management requires a comprehensive lifestyle approach. 

Inflammation Reduction

Detox methods,reduce inflammation. Chronic inflammation, linked to health issues, can be addressed through dietary changes and innovative medical lab tests. 

Enhanced Skin Health

Detoxification improves skin conditions. Dr. Collins emphasizes the gut-skin connection. Beyond detox, we offer regeneration and rejuvenation protocols, ensuring vibrant health your skin.

Improved Digestive Health

It enhances digestive health by aiding toxin elimination and promoting a balanced gut microflora for optimal nutrient absorption and overall well-being.



Consultation and Assessment

We begin with a comprehensive examination of your health history and lifestyle, ensuring a thorough understanding of your individual context. In cases where necessary, medical tests, such as the provoked EDTA urine assay for heavy metals, are conducted to gather precise data. Based on this comprehensive evaluation, a personalized detox plan is meticulously crafted and tailored to address your needs and optimize your well-being.

Personalized Detox

We craft personalized detox plans like home detox protocols, fasting-mimicking diet changes, etc. Options span from coffee/electrolyte enemas to IV hydration with vitamin/mineral/peptide infusion. Natural chelation compounds such as zeolite, chlorophyll, and activated charcoal play a role, along with mycotoxin-chelating prescriptions. The plan aims to enhance overall well-being through tailored detox strategies.

Implementation of Detox Methods

Embark on a journey of safe and effective detoxification with our professionals. Our comprehensive approach includes fasting and home hydrotherapy techniques like enemas, wet sheets, and castor oil packs. Monitor your vitals and biometrics at home as needed. Experience the benefits of in-office IV neural therapy, oral supplements, and prescribed medications when necessary for a tailored and effective detox program.

Enhanced Detox

We offer complementary approaches such as homeopathy, neural therapy, hydrotherapy, FIR light, saunas, and laser therapy, ensuring comprehensive detoxification. We prioritize your well-being with regular progress monitoring to assess effectiveness. We make necessary adjustments to the detox plan based on your responses and evolving health needs for a personalized and effective outcome.

At Proactive Choice, we strive to provide the best experience for patients seeking their first consultation with a doctor. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team is committed to tailored care and individual attention, ensuring you get the most out of your initial consultation.

We do not participate with insurance.

However, we accept Health Savings Accounts and Flex Savings Accounts.

We also accept Visa, Amex, Master Card, and Discover. 

To book your first appointment please call: (858) 333-5196

Initial Consult

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Naturopathic medicine builds on all the wisdom of the great indigenous cultures, and First Nations people with extensive reliance on plants as our medicine, then blends back into therapies of the elements such as applications of mud and peat. Hydrotherapy with alternative hot and cold. We encourage spiritual rejuvenation by breaking old patterns and taking a fast from our worried lives.

    Our medicine emphasizes holistic approaches, incorporating innovative methods like laser and FIR light therapy to a personalized and comprehensive detox experience.

  • While generally safe, suitability varies. Consultation and assessment ensure personalized plans, addressing individual health needs and determining the appropriateness of the detox program.

  • Yes, our program employs safe methods, including professional-guided protocols. Continuous monitoring ensures safety and effectiveness throughout the process. 

  • Program duration varies based on individual needs. Results and timing differ, but regular monitoring allows adjustments to optimize the detox experience, with noticeable improvements over time. Dr.Collins has great experience in all the traditional detox methods and has perfected changes based on his own results.

  • Post-detox, we provide continued support and guidance for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Insights gained during the program empower individuals to sustain detox benefits long-term.


Looking to revive your vitality and embrace overall well-being?

Embark on a detoxification jounery in Eugene, Oregon with us

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