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Menopause Treatment in Bend, Oregon

What is Menopause?

Menopause, a natural phase in a woman's life, signals the end of reproductive years, typically occurring between the ages of 45 and 55. This transition results from the loss of ovarian follicular function and a decline in estrogen levels. While it marks the cessation of menstrual cycles and physical fertility, menopause is not just an endpoint but the beginning of a new chapter. Beyond its biological aspects, menopause introduces women to a stage characterized by social and emotional richness, offering opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment. Understanding menopause as a continuum allows women to navigate this life stage with awareness and embrace the positive aspects it brings. Changes in the menstrual cycle often mark the menopausal transition and is a gradual process. Termed 'Perimenopause,' it encompasses the time from the onset of the signs of menopause to one year after the final menstrual period. This phase, which can extend over several years, significantly impacts physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being. The challenges in a woman's menstrual cycle during perimenopause can vary, leading to irregularities or even an earlier cessation of mensturation compared to peers. Fortunately, there are both non-hormonal and hormonal interventions available to address and alleviate the symptoms associated with perimenopause.

Hot Flushes and Night


Sudden heat sensations in the face, neck, and chest with flushing of the skin, sweating, palpitations, and physical discomfort lasting minutes.

Menstrual Changes

Irregularities and variations in the menstrual cycle leading to the eventual cessation of menstruation.

Vaginal Dryness and


Symptoms include dryness, pain during sexual intercourse, and incontinence.

Mood & Sleep


Menopause may lead to sleep difficulties and insomnia, coupled with mood changes such as depression and anxiety.

Common Signs

Menopause treatment

Specialized Support for Women

If you're a woman experiencing symptoms like hot flashes, memory loss, fatigue, and emotional lability after menopause, our Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy could be the solution you need. Dr. Collins advocates a holistic approach, recommending counseling and building connections with family and mentors to navigate this phase and gain valuable wisdom. Additionally, Dr. Collins supports older or younger partners in understanding the regular changes and potential pathologies associated with menopause-related symptoms and personality changes. Your journey toward well-being begins with expert guidance and comprehensive care.


Dr. Collins employs a holistic approach to treat menopause, combining counseling therapy with personalized recommendations. His method involves

Seamlessly integrating movement and exercise into busy lifestyles
Seamlessly integrating movement and exercise into busy lifestyles.
Suggesting dietary changes.
Utilizing herbal, homeopathic, and bio-identical hormonal therapy.

This comprehensive strategy is tailored to address various aspects of health and well-being for optimal results.

Menopause treatment Procedure


Dr. Collins advocates for a comprehensive approach to women's health, beginning with a baseline Digital Mammogram, an internal Gynecologic exam, and a detailed review of the patient's sexual, gynecologic, and obstetrical history. Appropriate blood tests, including Leutinizine Hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormone, are utilized to gauge ovarian function. These tests help identify age-related changes in menstrual cycles, differentiating them from Amenorrhea caused by various medical factors. By measuring Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone, Dr. Collins can interpret the evolving narrative of a woman's health, providing guidance and support at any point in her journey.

Dr. Collins employs a holistic approach to treat menopause

Why Choose Dr. Collins

Dr. Collins brings a wealth of knowledge to his practice with over 39 years of experience. Having graduated from the University of Oregon with a focus on biology, life sciences, and comparative religions, he chose a career in Naturopathic Medicine. Driven by a commitment to blend ancient traditions with modern science, he has devoted himself to holistic patient care, emphasizing spiritual and emotional healing alongside medical interventions. He collaborates with various professionals in Portland, Oregon, utilizing diverse healing modalities such as classical homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and European Biologic Medicine. Dr. Collins is well-versed in cutting-edge therapies like Procaine Neural, Ozone (he is a member of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy), and laser treatments. Committed to continuous learning, he embraces new technologies and methodologies while staying true to holistic principles.

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Initial Consult

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Common signs include hot flashes, night sweats, menstrual changes, vaginal dryness and pain, sleep issues, and mood changes, including depression and anxiety.

  • Bio-identical hormone Replacement Therapy addresses symptoms like hot flashes, memory loss, fatigue, and emotional lability after menopause.

  • Dr. Collins employs a holistic approach to treating menopause, including counseling therapy, dietary changes, movement integration, and herbal, homeopathic, and bio-identical hormonal therapy for optimal results.

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