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Supportive Cancer Therapy Near Me

What is Supportive Cancer Therapy?

Dr. Collins brings over four decades of expertise, collaborating with oncologists, surgeons, and radiologists to implement nutritional and nutraceutical protocols alongside conventional treatments. Focusing on the metabolic nature of Cancer, our therapy aims to restore cellular function, emphasizing a holistic approach that addresses body, mind, and spirit.

Metabolic Restoration

We Address the metabolic nature of Cancer to rejuvenate cell mitochondria.

Comprehensive Wholistic Approach

We aim for complete well-being by integrating body, mind, and spirit in the healing process.

Professional Collaboration

Dr. Collins partners with cancer specialists to enhance traditional treatments with nutritional and nutraceutical protocols.

Diverse Therapeutic Modalities

We provide personalized treatments from Traditional Chinese Herbology to metabolic medicines, IV/injection therapies, & prescription drugs.

Holistic Balance

We provide social support, counseling, and hypnotherapy for a balanced and supportive environment.

Educational Empowerment

We Provide patients with educational resources to understand their condition and actively participate in their healing journey.




Dr. Collins thoroughly assesses the patient's condition, considering metabolic factors and individual experiences.

Tailored Therapeutic


Based on the assessment, a personalized plan is crafted, combining various therapies, nutritional protocols, and lifestyle recommendations.

Ongoing Compassionate Support

Dr. Collins provides day-by-day support, utilizing compassion and active listening to enhance the patient's quality of life.



We also incorporate mind-body techniques such as meditation and mindfulness to promote mental wellness and resilience.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Proactive Choice integrates nutritional and nutraceutical protocols with conventional treatments, emphasizing metabolic restoration.

  • Our approach addresses not only the physical aspects but also mental and spiritual well-being through collaboration with counselors and hypnotherapists.

  • Regular attendance at conferences, continuous study of scientific research, and patient feedback ensure we stay updated on the latest treatments.

  • A low glycemic carbohydrate, plant-based high-quality fat, high fermented food, water-soluble fiber, and biome-diversifying diet, with additions of selected grass-fed organic organ meats such as Liver, is recommended to complement treatments and optimize results.

  • Dr. Collins collaborates seamlessly with your existing team, bringing additional expertise and a comprehensive, patient-centric approach to cancer recovery.

At Proactive Choice, we strive to provide the best experience for patients seeking their first consultation with a doctor. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team is committed to tailored care and individual attention, ensuring you get the most out of your initial consultation.

We do not participate with insurance.

However, we accept Health Savings Accounts and Flex Savings Accounts.

We also accept Visa, Amex, Master Card, and Discover. 

To book your first appointment please call: (858) 333-5196

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Supportive Cancer Therapy

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