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Ozone Therapy: 10 Benefits Of Ozone Therapy Treatments For Chronic Health Conditions

Ozone therapy is much talked about these days for its therapeutic benefits. Natural Ozone is a fleeting free radical of Oxygen generated in Lightning storms and Waterfalls. It has a 150-year history of being used in Medicine and Industry when generated from medical-grade Oxygen gas for sanitizing equipment and preventing infections.

Internationally it has evolved into a treatment with profound healing capabilities. It has documented benefits for conditions ranging from autoimmune diseases to viral infections.

The side effects are temporary, if any, and the uses are as wide as the practitioner's skill level.

Dr.Collins is a diplomate of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy and a Dr. Rowan, Shallenberger, and Robbins student. He follows international protocols and is constantly upgrading his training in the most effective methods and scientific breakthroughs around this treatment.

 Proactive Choice has embraced ozone therapy as a practical approach for treating various conditions and injuries. Ozone therapy naturally stimulates the immune system, unlike conventional medicine, which may not permanently alleviate symptoms and can sometimes exacerbate them. For people who have found limited success with pharmaceutical or surgical treatments and who are seeking to work with their body’s own ability to heal, exploring the benefits of ozone therapies at Proactive Choice may offer new avenues for relief and healing.

What is ozone therapy treatment, and how can it benefit you?

Ozone, a temporary ionic form of oxygen produced on-site for each treatment, has  three atoms of Oxygen instead of the stable gas structure of two and is a very reactive oxygen species (ROS),

It has been used medically to address various health issues safely and naturally. It's particularly effective for chronic conditions like Lyme disease, mold exposure, and autoimmune disorders.

 One of the key benefits of ozone therapy is that it's customized on-site for each individual. 

During treatment, ozone is created by passing medical-grade oxygen gas through a cold plasma discharge tube made of quartz glass.

This ozone (O3) gas created, is often mixed with the patient’s blood fraction sourced from a venous blood draw.   This is delivered using sterile medical-grade silicone tubing intravenously (major autohemo therapy) or by direct injection to trauma or energy centers.

The ozone first stimulates a dramatic upregulation of the immune system, then instantly becomes harmless oxygen, which helps oxygenate your whole body, supporting the healing process.

Ozone therapy treatments can be administered in many different ways, directly to the affected area or into the bloodstream. Administration methods include ear insufflation, rectal insufflation, bladder insufflation, intramuscular injection, autohemotherapy, IV, or subcutaneous injection.

10 zone Therapy Benefits 

10 Benefits of zone Therapy

1. Improves Immune System

Ozone therapy offers a simple yet effective way to boost your immune system and combat inflammation. Dark Field Microscopy shows dramatic energizing of the White Blood Cells after an Ozone treatment.

 When your immune system is strengthened, it becomes more capable of fighting off infections.

 Inflammation, a common issue for many people, can lead to discomfort and is often linked to conditions like asthma. Ozone therapy resolves Cytokine blooms and subsequent inflammation caused by oxidative stress. 


Even though Ozone is a reactive oxygen species. It is a fleeting insult that creates a response from the body, resulting in more antioxidants being released and systemic inflammation decreasing.

 By managing inflammation, ozone therapy helps keep conditions like arthritis and Crohn's disease in check. 

2. Antibacterial, Antifungal, And Antiviral Properties

In the ongoing battle against infections, bacteria have developed antibiotic resistance, prompting scientists to explore alternative treatments for bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. Ongoing research on ozone benefits has revealed its impressive infection-control properties. Remarkably, Ozone therapy has demonstrated the ability to effectively address certain acute bacterial infections, even curing them within 48 hours, such as those resulting from tick bites. Additionally, Ozone therapy shows promise in helping combat viral infections, including the flu, which can be particularly troublesome during winter. This suggests that ozone therapy could provide relief and support in the face of various diseases.

 Bagging body parts with a Bypass flow of O3 gas, contacting superficial infections, is profound to change pathologic bacterial populations and stimulate wound healing.

3. Can Reverse Brain Tissue Damage

When someone experiences a stroke, their brain can be deprived of oxygen, leading to damage in an area called the penumbra. The key to minimizing this damage is restoring oxygen supply promptly. An intriguing study in 2012 discovered that supplying a mixture of oxygen and ozone gasses to the affected brain tissue not only halted further damage but also reversed the brain to its original state. This suggests promising potential for treating stroke-related brain tissue damage with Ozone therapy treatments. Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments are also quite helpful if applied early enough after a traumatic thrombotic event.

4. Reduces Risk Of Repeat Heart Attacks

Ozone therapy presents a promising avenue for people who have experienced heart attacks to lower the risk of subsequent episodes. Research suggests that this treatment can significantly decrease the likelihood of a repeat heart attack, as well as reduce the development of dead tissue due to oxygen deficiency and irregular heart rates, known as arrhythmia, following a heart attack.

The key to maximizing the benefits of Ozone therapy lies in its prompt and regular administration. Swift treatment, coupled with frequent sessions, has been shown to notably diminish the risk of experiencing another heart attack. Therefore, timely and consistent ozone therapy may be valuable for people looking to improve their heart health and minimize the chances of recurring cardiac issues. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies are very useful as well.

5. Detoxes The Body

Our bodies inevitably encounter toxins despite our best efforts to avoid them. These toxins can disrupt our body's natural processes, affecting everything from our ability to heal to our ability to fight off infections. However, there are steps we can take to eliminate these toxins. Firstly, we can improve our diet and be mindful of what we eat, use alternating hot and cold hydrotherapy, FIR and traditional sauna, Biome rebuilding and movement that encourages lymph flow. Secondly, regular ozone therapy treatments have been shown to boost metabolism and enhance overall health. They offer a natural way to detoxify the body and support its functions.

6. Heals Chronic Wounds

Ozone Therapy has shown promise in healing chronic wounds, as indicated by several studies. It has been particularly effective in treating ulcers on the feet of diabetic patients. Moreover, people dealing with painful mouth ulcers have reported experiencing reduction and relief through Ozone Medical Therapy.

7. Pain Relief

Ozone treatment has emerged as a potential solution for back pain relief. Health experts have identified the anti-inflammatory benefits of ozone therapy as a valuable resource for alleviating back pain and relieving those suffering from this common ailment. Dr. Collins has a great deal of experience with deep injections to the lumbar column and believes in ozone injections as a first line of treatment for chronic or acute low back pain.

8. Stimulates Stem Cells

Stem cells play a pivotal role in our body. They are continuously regenerating organs like the heart, brain, and nerves. Exciting new research suggests that Ozone Therapy treatments can boost the ability of these stem cells to repair damaged cells faster and more effectively. This means that Ozone Therapy can potentially promote better and quicker healing for various health conditions.

9. Cell Oxygenation

Cell oxygenation is crucial for maintaining tissue health, as insufficient oxygen can lead to tissue death. Conditions like anemia increase the risk of hypoxia, which can affect various parts of the body, including the lungs, during asthma attacks or throughout the bloodstream. Ozone therapy has shown promise in supporting hypoxic tumors, mainly when used alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy. By delivering readily available oxygen to the body, ozone therapy has the potential to help in cellular oxygenation and promote tissue vitality. Dr.Collins is very excited about the relief he can bring to chronic asthmatics.

10. Healthier Skin

Turning to ozone therapy for its potential benefits is a good idea if you want to improve your skin health. Ozone therapy ensures that cells, including skin cells, have ample access to oxygen, promoting recovery and repair. This increased oxygenation not only supports cellular health but also enhances antioxidant properties. This boost can stimulate collagen and elastin activity, ultimately contributing to rejuvenated and healthier skin.  Ozone Therapy to the skin is best mixed with the patient's own platelet-rich plasma or placental-derived minimally manipulated Mesenchymal (Stem)Cells.

Is Ozone Therapy Safe?

When used for therapeutic purposes, the medical-grade oxygen is excited to the temporary O3 state specifically for each patient’s treatment. The gas is never inhaled and is administered in precise therapeutic doses following international protocols. 

Dr.Collins and  Proactive Choice prioritize holistically curated, long-lasting solutions through natural medicine.  Since ozone therapy is considered one of the safest treatments in holistic (European Biologic) medicine, it is often recommended as part of a comprehensive program.

Adverse side effects are rare. The therapies provided at Ozone Therapy Clinics have demonstrated their safety over years of application to a wide variety of conditions.

How Much Does Ozone Therapy Typically Cost?

When considering the benefits of ozone therapy, it's natural to wonder about the cost. The prices for ozone therapy vary, but Proactive Choice has programs and treatments that suit every budget. Usually, a series of treatments is prescribed, so a large discount is given for the last treatment, encouraging compliance.

For example, ozone injections into joints can range from $250 to $650, while intravenous treatments may cost between $550  and $800.

Ozone Therapy in the Northwest

Discover the benefits of Ozone Therapy at Proactive Choice, a valuable resource regardless of where you are in your health journey. Whether you're starting your recovery or already on a path, Ozone Therapy can expedite the process and contribute to long-lasting well-being. This natural treatment is a great first choice or “second opinion”  to pharmaceuticals and surgical treatments.

It is often very effective for various chronic diseases and health-related issues.

At Proactive Choice, we have helped patients regain their health through the numerous benefits of ozone therapy.

This clinic remains at the forefront of medical advancements to provide patients with the best available treatments. Before deciding if medical ozone is suitable for you, consider a free consultation with Dr.Collins, who specializes in ozone therapy. Reach out to Proactive Choice 

(858) 333-5196 to learn more about our Ozone Therapy treatments.

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About The Author: Dr.Collins

Author: Dr. Collins

Dr. Collins is a Pacific Northwest native and University of Oregon graduate in biology and comparative religions, practicing Naturopathic Medicine. Committed to harmonizing ancient traditions with modern science, he prioritizes holistic patient care in Oregon.



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